General Policies


A two night deposit or 35%, whichever is greater, is required on all reservations via personal check.  Checks are made out to Corsair and mailed to 41 Chase Avenue, Dennis Port, MA 02639.  Deposits are due within seven days of booking and then an email “paid deposit confirmation” is sent.  Bookings within two weeks of arrival date can be paid with a Master Card or Visa over the phone.  Please do not email your credit card information for your security.  Our reservationist will call you within 24 hours of booking online to confirm and review deposit policy.


Room rentals require fifteen days advance notice from your arrival date in order to be eligible for a refund of the required deposit. If the proper notice is met the deposit is returned less a $25 ($100 during the months of July and August including Labor Day Weekend) cancellation fee. The exception to this is a house rental. If you are able to give fifteen days’ notice AND we are able to re-rent the space a refund will be honored less a $250 cancellation fee, as well as, a deduction for any reduction in rental price that may have occurred to secure a last-minute rental.  


We have three designated pet rooms in the Cross Rip that are designated for pet owners.  Subject to some restrictions, fees and not available during summer months.  Pets are not allowed in any other accommodations.  We would be happy to recommend a local animal boarding place should you still wish to bring your pet.  The only exception is service animals for medical conditions. (Comfort animals are not allowed.)   These rules are not flexible for the comfort of our other guests with allergies and children with asthma. We appreciate your understanding. 


Although smoking is prohibited in all accommodations and inside common areas it is permitted outside your room.  A convenience butt bucket is provided/available for those that do smoke. Please be courteous of others around you that do not smoke and do not wish to smell smoke.  We reserve the right to ask you to refrain from smoking if other guests are bothered.  Again, we appreciate your understanding.