Cancelation Update & Check-In Options 2020


Guest Room Accommodations

  • 15 days notice full refund and no cancelation fees
  • 14 days or less credit for future stay

House Rentals

  • 60 days out balance due in full
  • 30 days out credit for future stay

Event Rentals

  • 30 days out 50% credit for future stay

Check-in Choices:

Standard (default)

  • arrive and pay balance


    • Prepay two weeks before arrive
    • Pre- register via email
    • Call when in the parkinglot
      • *If room is ready door will be unlocked and key left in room
      • *If room not ready you may use facilities and we will call when ready


  • Same as Standard except you will call us and we will greet you on the lobby deck to conduct your check-in